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BCG Aircraft Recoveries is a leading and independent company, specialized in Disabled Aircraft Removal services (DAR). We respond to requests from airlines, their insurers or airports, and are available round the clock.


Recovery Services

Our Recovery system is available for aircraft up to A320 series for immediate deployment worldwide.

 We operate out of Amsterdam airport. Experienced team consists of aircraft structure 


Transport disabled aircraft

Modular shipping container and platform, for aircraft up to 18 meter length, Special transport bed for business jets. Project engineering for all transport of repairable aircraft

Accident Site Clearances

Calamity management in conjunction with all national and international legislation and procedures. wreckage storage and management. Local logistics and project engineering 


BCG Aircraft Recoveries


BCG has gained important experience in a number of special techniques, we have used over the years in aircraft recovery.

Generally, equipment has been developed on increasing capacity and lifting heights. We specialize in load- spreading, horizontal movement and be in full control of this. Although these techniques are not very common, they can be very useful for other markets, in which the movement of large and or vulnerable loads is essential.

Sledge systems.

Sledge systems we use to move vulnerable, or very heavy objects over a short distance, to avoid lifting or hoisting at a single point. Again, we spread the load. Our cradles are equipped with Teflon sledge blocks, we slide to where needed!

Lifting bags or air cushions.

Spreading the load over a bigger surface, means reduction of pressure. Now we are able to lift vulnerable objects

Fiberglass transport tracks.

We have developed our own fiberglass tracks, enabling us to move relatively heavy loads on relatively light panels.


Our cables are installed in pulley blocks, so spreading the load on the number of windings. We therefore are able to pull a relatively heavy object with a relatively low pressure Tirfors hand-winches.



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