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Recovery Services

Our principal speciality is our aircraft recovery assistance. We answer to requests from airlines, airports or insurance companies in the event of an aircraft incident anywhere in the world. 

Our recovery kit is capable to recover aircraft up to A320/B757 series, or bigger aircraft in case of partial undercarriage failure. We are normally capable to ship the entire kit on aircraft transport pallets. In some cases we were able to transport the most essential lifting equipment for a mid-size airliner in the luggage compartment of this same aircraft-type. Therefore, we are able to reach a faster operating time than in case a conventional recovery system must be flown in. Besides our self-developed low-pressurelift bag system, we operate winching systems transport mats and hoisting systems. Due to our ongoing relationship with major recovery and crane companies, we are specialised in obtaining additional machinery in the vicinity of the airport, which makes us more flexible. In our effort to respond immediately on any request, we have made all logistic  preparations with various airlines at the airports of Amsterdam, Liege, Brussels and Cologne, and can respond within hours.

Our team consist of a group of very experienced aircraft engineers, many of them withover 20 years experience. A large network of local and international recovery experts easily extends this team, which will be included in the operation when appropriate. We recover any aircraft type at any local circumstances. We are also familiar with all current recovery systems available, which is of value in case the involved airport or airline has a recovery system available.

In our effort to respond immediately on any request, we have made all logistic preparations with various airlines at the airports of Amsterdam, Liege, Brussels and Cologne.

BCG Aircraft Recoveries has no contractual commitments withholding immediate response. Therefore we strictly work on a “First called, First served” basis. We do however recommend to airlines to sign a window-agreement with our company. This will contribute that no valuable time will be lost after an accident occurring.

Our vast knowledge of aircraft structures, together with the 10 year+ experience with crane- and recovery companies, together with a large experience with aircraft incidents, makes BCG Aircraft Recoveries the right partner in the unfortunate event of an aircraft incident. Our pride however, is that many of the aircraft we recovered, are back in operation.

Transport disabled aircraft

For more info about our non-modular transport click

Moreover, with our modular shipping methods we are able to transport disabled aircraft in a safer and more cost effective manner.

For more info about our modular shipping container for small aircraft click 

BCG Aircraft Recoveries has gained a wide experience in the transport of disabled aircraft, with a number of successful operations, involving various aircraft sizes to and from various locations. Justification of transporting disabled aircraft often depends on the economical, logistical and time limitation of its feasibility, but practically any transport can be accomplished. Either by road, vessel or air transport.

BCG Aircraft Recoveries takes care of the full task of the transport and is on-hand at any level of the operation:

  • from the Pre-Transport Analysis, determining the best options in relation to the actual situation and circumstances

  • all preparations, specialty crates and boxes (which can be built in-house, or subcontracted to local companies) are under our own supervision

  • disassembly in coordination with experienced repair facilities. (We are in contact with a number of well experiences licensed repair facilities, with experience in the line of business)

  • up to the effective transport with supervision at every stage of the transport up to the delivery

  • we are connected to specialty shipping companies for road, sea and air transport, and operate worldwide

Depending on the aircraft type we can use custom made cradles, or frames connecting to engine or wing attachment lugs, or to the landing gear fittings.

For aircraft types, too big for our modular transport units, we continue to use non-modular solutions.

Our wing frame incorporates attachment points aligned to the wing attachment lugs and can be positioned at any angle on a modular 40’ platform. Once the wing or fuselage are mounted on the bed, a canopy tent is built around them to prevent impact damage from foreign objects.

For more info about our modular bed for business jets up to 16 meter click  

Accident Site clearences

BCG Aircraft Recoveries offers its services in the event of accidents, in which the aircraft is no longer repairable, or in the event that the accident is still subject to official accident investigation.

Once insurers have declared an aircraft to be Beyond Economical Repair, BCG Aircraft Recoveries can overtake the aftermath of the accident.

This implicates the effective removal of the aircraft from their crash location. 

Over the years we have conducted a number of accident site clearance projects, reaching from accidents within the airport perimeter to various operations in national parks, such as Serengeti. We have extensive knowledge of requirements from the various involved authorities, we have worked in various continents and situations, such as warzones.
Recovery services
Transport Disabled Aircraft
Site clearences
Additional to the effective removal of the aircraft, we can conduct:
  • Holdership of aircraft-remaining on behalf of the customer
  • Storage facilities for the required duration, security, conservation
  • Process monitoring with the official investigation for release and/or storage purposes
  • Final demolition of all parts and components, to be carried out at an approved recycling facility
  • Restoration of the crash site
  • Coordination of environmental scoping plans, to meet the requirements of the
       local authorities
  • Coordination of decontamination issues
  • Coordination of repair of infrastructural impact on behalf of the insurer
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