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Lifting Bags or Air Cushions

These low-pressure bags are a common technique to lift disabled aircraft. We operate large multi layer bags (which offer more stability) or cylindrical bags, which are more practical and easy to manoeuvre. The maximum pressure is 7 psi, which offers 5 tons capacity per square meter. So the surface area spreads the load, which reduces the impact on the structure of the lifted object.

Sledge systems

Sledge systems we use to move vulnerable or very heavy objects over a short distance, such as the movement of disabled aircraft inside the container. Steel tracks are being lined out from the object to the destination and 

completely leveled with Teflon plates. the tracks are subsequently applied with cooking oil, so make them slippery. Our cradles are equipped with Teflon sledge blocks and subsequently lowered on the track. We now avoid use of any vertical lift and the movement will be completely fluent.

Fiberglass transport tracks

We have developed our own fiberglass tracks, enabling us to move relatively heavy loads on relatively light panels.


Our cables are installed in pulley blocks, so spreading the load on the number of windings. We therefore are able to pull a relatively heavy object with a relatively low pressure, mostly by manual handwinches. All our techniques have been developed to work in remote areas where heavy machinery is unavailable, unpractical, or limited, (i.e. height limitation of a roof).

Lifting bags or Air cushions
Sledge systms
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